Harmony with the Universe
For anyone on a journey to fulfillment

Who is Wasyl Kolesnikov?

Sensei Wasyl Kolesnikov
Sensei Wasyl Kolesnikov

I am a 7th Dan international Aikido teacher. I also teach mind and body co-ordination, dynamic relaxation and infinite Tai Chi. I am a very keen photographer with many of my works displayed in exhibitions.

As you can imagine all of this keeps me extremely busy, yet I am able not to just sustain, but excel in these pursuits due to my appreciation of the continual potential and continual possibilities of the creative energies of the universe.

Every day I am open to new inspiration, new development and insight through my meditation and mind and body practice. In 1970 I started learning Aikido as a hobby while I was studying to be a psychiatric nurse. In September 1972, I gave up nursing, three months before my finals to study Aikido as a full time student in south Wales. My teacher was Sensei K Williams 5th Dan. In 1975 my teacher sent me to Plymouth to develop the Devon area. This I did successfully until December 1981 as a full time teacher.

The essence of the art is based on calmness, relaxation, power of mind, harmony and non-aggression. All these things and more are taught in my lessons. Ever since I began this art it has given me a lot of enjoyment. It has taught me more awareness and understanding of life in general. It has given me determination to succeed in life in whatever I do, and not be put of by obstacles which come only too frequently. We can find so many interesting things around us, when our minds are not immersed in needless worries and problems all the time. Most important of all, it has taught me to have an open mind and not take life for granted. It seems I am only scratching the surface of knowledge and that there is so much ahead of me to learn. This makes life very interesting.

So, after over 40 years of teaching and with numerous clubs throughout the U.K. I have decided it is time to expand my teaching and make this incredible system available to anyone who wants to enrich their life.