Harmony with the Universe
For anyone on a journey to fulfillment


This is Wasyl Kolesnikov's first book - Return to the Source

Because he sees the Source and its workings in everything, Sensei encourages us to do the same. By the end of the book you will find yourself looking at say, the flame of a matchstick with new appreciation and meaning. Because no one really knows what the Source looks like, Sensei's artwork and photographs are included to underline and enhance certain key concepts. This means that the book is very direct and can reach you on a deeper level surprisingly quickly. The photographs are not additions to make the book look better, rather they are an integral part of the fabric of the text, weaving their own story with the words.

This is the second book - Transformation

Written by Sensei Kolesnikov and Guy Gardner Transformation means to change – your awareness, your consciousness and to be aware of your true unlimited self. This book helps show us the way of what we can achieve. In their second collaboration Wasyl Kolesnikov and Guy Gardner explore the idea of Transformation: changing one thing to another. Here is a collection of inspired and inspiring writings and more amazing photographs, taken by Wasyl Kolesnikov to work with and show another dimension to the 14 Transformative words within, which will bring light and joy to your life.

This is the third book - Point of Consciousness

This book completes the trilogy by Wasyl Kolesnikov and Guy Gardner. The theme is a "doing" book, with practical Ki exercises, Tai Chi and meditations. The idea of this last book is continued development not just of health, but of the mind-body-spirit to work as a whole unit: a whole being. There is no limit to what you can achieve, and this book will help take you on a path to new levels.

This is the fourth book - The Aquarian Mystic

Through words, pictures, philosophy, inspiration, passion expanding ideas about the 'inner' self, and linking with nature and the universe, the reader is invited to enjoy this journey.



Wasyl Kolesnikov has a number of videos published on his YouTube channel.