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As you may or may not know, first there is a cause then an effect. First you think, then, your body interprets your thoughts into actions.

People's perceptions in life are limited due to how they were brought up. i.e. parents, teachers, religious people, friends, plus their own experiences. Then, when problems arise, they find it difficult to find solutions based on what they know. So if they wish to develop further, they need to study some kind of mind and body development system, either through a book, video, teacher or other.

A teacher is one of the best ways, because if they are a good teacher they can show you the subtleties and they can help you to feel what you need to experience. In my class I show things which can look impossible. Then I show you that you can do it. You will learn not to be lifted up or pushed over, not to let the mind get disturbed, plus many other things. Then in the rest of your life, if things seem impossible, you know that you can find a solution. The teacher helps you to change your perspective by thinking in a different way. You can see solutions much better. Progression in life is about development and making life work. Many people have various worries and problems in life, by learning these techniques they are helped to develop a stronger mind to cope with these situations.

What I practice and teach is one of many systems. I am not prepared to work to people's negativities, as they are very good at doing that on their own. It is all down to choice. Development in this sense means to become more aware of your inner self. The inner self is very vast and can become very powerful.First you become aware of it, then, you learn how to use it. It is said that we only use a fraction of our minds potential. This is true! But how can we use more?


If I asked you to show me how powerful the mind is can you do that?

Even if you could, could you show it to someone else and get them to do the same thing? The mind has many levels and is very versatile. It is much more than a dot stuck in the head as many people like to think.

The special exercises we do together, along with meditation, visualization and breathing exercises, helps us to understand much more about our true potential. Expand your mind and expand your life. This course is unique, and will benefit tremendously anyone who applies it. In my classes I have had the privilege of teaching people from all walks of life. They are people of all ages, from 7 to 70+. So I know anyone can do this. The course starts with absolute basics, and builds up month by month.

From the first month you will be shown everything you need to know:

♦ How to kneel

♦ How to stand

♦ How to walk

♦ How to move efficiently

♦ How to develop and understand ki/chi

♦ How to massively increase your energy levels

♦ How to meditate

How to breathe fully

♦ How to heal others

♦ How to open and use more of your mind

♦ Plus much more


Your life will change massively, and I guarantee, instantly

Only your own limitations will stop a huge progression in your development. As you know good and bad situations are happening to us all every day. The important thing is only how we react to these situations. By getting to know and understand ourselves better we can control our reaction to the environment and not let our environment control us. To be able to do this it is essential we strengthen our minds. 

The mind is a very real thing, but because we don't see it we tend to forget about it. When the sun shines we feel warm. When the sun is condensed through a magnifying glass to a point, it can burn paper. When the mind is concentrated to a point, it too becomes very powerful. Normally the mind moves freely from one point to another, so it usually lacks power. If we have too many worries or problems, it can get too much for the mind and weaken it. In extreme conditions it can result in illness, physical or mental. 

This course, through it's unique exercises, teaches us how to co-ordinate the mind with the body so that we can use our whole power for many situations, work, rest or play, and get the very most out of life. 

When we co-ordinate our mind and body, it is then equivalent to the power of the whole iceberg, not just the tip.

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